Un Diario de México | by Photographer Amanda Annand

Words and images ©  AMANDA ANNAND

Words and images © AMANDA ANNAND

Amanda annand is a Canadian-born visual ethnographer whose academic and documentary work focuses on themes relating to culture, resource development and connection to place. her series “un dario de México,” is a reflection of experiences from her time spent living in Mexico.

Un Diario de México is a personal reflection of my experiences living in Mexico, shaped by my own understanding of the pressing issues the country grapples with today. For many, life in Mexico is vulnerable to rifts in the social fabric. I think that is why most people who travel to Mexico gravitate to resorts; everything outside those walls can be perceived as dangerous and unknown. It is true that in many places, violence and corruption punctuates day-to-day life. But amidst this, the search to secure a better future continues. Education is seen as the way forward and family life is paramount to all else. Pay tribute to the saints, search for loved ones, honour of the dead. These are the mantras that underpin daily life. 


My time in Mexico was defined by having the means to travel and the privilege to cross over borders unencumbered. I think about this a lot now, with everything happening along the US-Mexican border and the craziness of the wall idea.

The struggle to secure something for ourselves in this world—a stable job, a home, a safe place to live and work, a good school for kids, or some kind of social security and political stability—transcends space and time, culture and borders.

“The desire to do so is the common thread of humanity.”

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