The Joshua Tree Project

All images ©  PAUL MARTINEZ

In a paper published in the journal Ecosystems, it was said that Joshua trees are one of the species predicted to have their range reduced and shifted by climate change. There's even a real concern that they might be eliminated from Joshua Tree National Park, with ecological research suggesting a high probability that their populations will be reduced by 90% of their current range by the end of the 21st century. 

After learning about the real danger facing this species, and being lucky enough to have a few Joshua trees in our very own backyard – the idea of The Joshua Tree Project was born. This is an ongoing creative project started by Founder Paul Martinez, documenting the uniquely interesting Joshua trees in and around the high desert that are in danger of being vastly eradicated due to climate change.

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Words and images ©  PAUL MARTINEZ

Words and images © PAUL MARTINEZ