Portraits of Haiti | by Photographer Nick Glimenakis

Words and images ©  NICK GLIMENAKIS

Words and images © NICK GLIMENAKIS

In 2013, New York-BASED PHOTOGRAPHER Nick Glimenakis traveled to Haiti for the first time as part of a medical relief team. Since then, he’s returned twice with the organization nova hope for haiti and documented the Haitian landscape and its people in an ongoing series he calls 'Portraits of Haiti.'

When photographer Nick Glimenakis joined the organization Nova to assist in its mission and document their impact on patient lives, he quickly built-up a personal collection of images capturing the life and people of southwest Haiti.

Over time he witnessed many facets of the country, all varying from one another. The urban landscapes and street perspectives of Port-au-Prince showcased the lively, vibrant life of Haitian culture. While the rural countryside represented a certain pride, innocence and joy that radiated from its people. Instead of focusing on the devastation that Haiti has endured, Nick Glimenakis chose to capture its hopeful spirit—a country in a constant state of recovery and progress.

*NOVA Hope for Haiti provides sustained medical care in the southwest of Haiti. Specifically in two adjoining communities: the town of Cavaillon, Haiti, and the village of Boileau, Haiti.

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