6 Best Places to Photograph Los Angeles Skyline

Boasting some of the tallest skyscrapers in the United States, west of the Mississippi, is the world-famous Los Angeles skyline. With recent additions like the Wilshire Grand Center, which recently became the tallest building in the city, Los Angeles' skyline is becoming more and more picturesque by the minute.


This is Southern California’s gateway to the cosmos. Where visitors can look through telescopes, explore exhibits and see live shows. You can also enjoy spectacular views of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Sign. Admission to the building and grounds of Griffith Observatory is free of charge.

2800 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90027


Contrary to popular belief, Los Angeles does offer some great public parks. After a two-year makeover, the Eastside's historic Echo Park Lake has become a destination worthy of its Los Angeles skyline backdrop. You can walk the track around the lake or pedal your way through it in a pedal boat; either way, it's a prime location to capture photos.

Echo Park Lake, Los Angeles, CA 90026

6 Best Places To Photograph Los Angeles Skyline
6 Best Places To Photograph Los Angeles Skyline


Elysian Park is the oldest and second largest park in the city of Los Angeles. This particular hike (Angel's Point) is best known for not only its panoramic views of Downtown Los Angeles, but you also get Dodger Stadium as a bonus.

Angels Point Rd, Los Angeles, CA


Located at the western gateway to Downtown, is this 10.5 acre urban natural park. The park features walking trails, streams, meadows, oak savannahs, picnic grounds, and a nature-themed playground amidst a picturesque skyline.

100 N Toluca St, Los Angeles, CA 90026


The best views of Downtown Los Angeles skyline and the surrounding San Gabriel Mountains can be seen from this high point. However, getting to the top can involve a pretty steep and rigorous hike up makeshift stairs. If you’re not in the mood to climb, you can drive to and park at the top, but be aware that the road can be closed on certain days of the week. If you decide to take the stairs, it’s a relatively short (but intense) 282 step walk to the top.

6300 Hetzler Rd, Culver City, CA 90232

6 Best Places To Photograph Los Angeles Skyline
6 Best Places To Photograph Los Angeles Skyline


This park, located in Los Angeles' El Sereno neighborhood, is an urban retreat featuring rolling hills, picturesque views of Downtown, hiking trails and even a small amphitheater. If you're looking to just take in the view and not really in the mood for a hike. Simply, follow the path from the parking lot on the left and walk up until you are able to view the skyline with clarity.

4371 Multnomah St, Los Angeles, CA 90032