Why Nicaragua Should Be Next On Your List Of Places To Visit


Nicaragua is the largest Central American country; but unfortunately it has suffered years of political and civil unrest topped with hugely destructive earthquakes. Making it one of the least visited countries in the region. Opposite of its neighbor to the south, Costa Rica. Which has been a bustling hotspot and popular destination to visit amongst tourists. However, things are changing and Nicaragua is starting to come into its own.

Nicaragua should be next on your list of places to visit because it offers adventures on roads less traveled and is much less expensive than its neighboring countries. It has the largest area of primary growth rainforest north of the Amazon, six active volcanoes and miles of coastline sprinkled with sandy beaches and sleepy surf towns.

There are few ancient ruins left in Nicaragua, however; some of the oldest colonial towns in Central America like Granada and Leon make up for it with their beautiful architecture, vast churches and vibrant local festivals. The Pacific side of the country is the most popular amongst visitors. In this region roads are more navigable and tourist hotspots like Ometepe, Granada and San Juan del Sur are within close proximity of each other and all run along the Pacific coastline.

Nicaragua’s Atlantic side is very different from the rest of the country. Once referred to as the Mosquito Coast; because of its indigenous people, it is predominately tropical and was once dominated by British interests. The Mosquito Coast is remote and difficult to reach by land; however, airplanes can be easily be chartered to its main city of Bluefields from Nicaragua's capital city of Managua. The beach towns of Bluefields are the charming Corn Islands and Pearl Keys — full of delicious creole cuisine, crystal blue lagoons and stunning white sand beaches.

Whatever it is that you seek, you’re sure to find it in Nicaragua.