Lost America | by Photographer Matthew Portch

Words and images ©  MATTHEW PORTCH

Words and images © MATTHEW PORTCH

ENGLISH PHOTOGRAPHER MATTHEW PORTCH’S SERIES “LOST AMERICA” examines a quiet stillness in a forgotten landscape that is, in a sense: ‘on-pause’.

Backwater towns and rural corners are juxtaposed with the ambiguity of detached suburbia. Places appear frozen in time, their inhabitants absent or long since departed. Ardently stagnant in their appearance, the images aim to unlock a moment of reflective contemplation and instil a melancholic feeling of familiarity. One might not notice or acknowledge these spaces, especially when viewed within the vast stretch of America’s panorama. Yet, when framed as a single vignette, the places can appear to echo a moment of mournful reverie. Or, for some, they might behold an alluringly sombre, everlasting impression.

“Places appear frozen in time, their inhabitants absent or long since departed.”

Tree Of Life, Utah.jpg
The Wall Frame, Arizona.jpg
Refinery Cemetary, Louisiana.jpg
Zzyzx Springs, California.jpg
Baptist Church, Louisiana.jpg
66 Drive-In, Missouri.jpg
Prada, Marfa.jpg
House & Burning Cane, Louisiana.jpg
Paiute Drain, Nevada.jpg
Hoop by the Sea, California.jpg
Rest Stop, Salt Flats, Utah.jpg
Picnic Stands, White Sands #1.jpg
Picnic Stands, White Sands #2.jpg
Penitentiary Bus, Louisiana.jpg
Law Office, New Mexico.jpg
Payphone, New Mexico.jpg
Moss on L.A. River, California.jpg