Gum Wall: Emerald City's Weirdest Landmark Melts Away

Today the world says goodbye to a strange yet beautiful alley riddled in over a million pieces of chewed gum. Over two decades ago no one ever would have believed that a gross habit by patrons of sticking their gum on Post Alley walls while waiting in line to watch a show would have eventually turned into a local landmark and tourist attraction. Over the years it has been attracting people from all over the world and has even been featured in films. It even become a popular site for wedding photographers, because nothing says a lifetime of love like walls covered in germ infested gum, right? Regardless of what one may think about the gum wall you can't deny its coolness!

Three workers wearing rain gear began to shoot out water heated to 260 degrees to get the gum down on the morning of November 10th. Scrapping years and years worth of chewed gum that was apparently starting to erode the brick walls. The marketing director for Pike Place Market Emily Crawford said, “We love the wall and we want it to come back. It just seemed like a good time to let the wall re-emerge.”

Seattle's Iconic Gum Wall melts Away. Click for more!

Seattle's Iconic Gum Wall melts Away. Click for more!

Seattle's Iconic Gum Wall melts Away. Click for more!

For those who never got the chance to see Seattle's most unsanitary tourist attraction, not to worry, it has been said that people will be allowed to stick gum on the walls again on November 12th.


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