A Guide To: Umpqua Hot Springs

Oregon is full of hot springs, being fairly close to the ring of fire, so it definitely has its fair share of volcanic areas to explore. One of the most stunningly beautiful hot springs to visit is Umpqua Hot Springs, located among the wooded forest. Located 65 miles east of Roseburg off I-5. The drive along Highway 138 is filled with beautiful landscapes and winding rivers, leading you up to the Toketee Lake. It is an incredibly scenic route leading all the way up to the hot springs. The hot springs are a geothermal pool located on the North Umpqua River. There are two large pools to soak in, each of which are at around 110°F - 112°F. There are also lower pools which are not as warm as the ones at the top.

Once you arrive at the hot springs there is a small parking lot with restrooms. The hike to the hot springs is about 0.3 miles. Not too far, but it is a little steep and can be slippery after a day of rain. The hot springs sit about 150 feet above the North Umpqua River, giving you a wonderful view of the hillside, trees, and the cool river down below.

A Guide To: Umpqua Hot Springs


We recommend heading there early in the morning on a weekday, but if that’s not possible right before the sun goes down on a Sunday evening is perfect. Snagging a spot all to yourself, it’s crucial to come on a non-popular day of the week.

After your soak, head to the pristine Toketee Lake, or hike down to Toketee Falls which is something magical if you are brave enough to climb down the treacherous slippery hill to get a better view. There is a rope to hang on to, but it can be very dangerous.


From I-5 take exit 125 in Roseburg, head east on Garden Valley Boulevard to the junction with Highway 99 0.6 miles. Turn right and go to highway 138/North Umpqua Highway. Turn left and head east to Toketee Lake Turn off, Toketee-Rigdon Road/Forest Road 34, 58.6 miles. Between mile marker 58 and 59 turn left and then you will see a sign that says Umpqua Hot Springs, Forest Road 3401/Thorn Prairie Road head down there for 2.4 miles and then turn right to drive on gravel to the parking area on the left.


The closest campground is Toketee Lake Campground and it’s about 10$ for a campsite. It is self-service, so make sure you bring some cash. There are bathrooms, but no showers. If you need to shower take a dip in the lake or jump into the freezing cold Toketee Falls.

A Guide To: Umpqua Hot Springs

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  • If you are wanting to further explore this area, we recommend heading east on Highway 138 towards Crater Lake National Park. It’s definitely worth checking out!
  • Make sure you bring a towel, as silly as it sounds we actually forgot ours.
  • Arriving early in the morning for the sunrise and bringing your own mimosas in a bottle makes for the perfect start to the day.
  • Clean up after yourself and try to leave the place better than what you found it. We want to preserve its beauty for others to enjoy.
  • Bring some cash to pay the parking fee/campsite fee.