Why Exploration is the Essence of the Human Spirit


Astronaut Frank Borman once said, “Exploration is the essence of the human spirit.” This idea has taken me some time to understand in part because exploration has become increasingly difficult in this fast-paced world. It is easy to get caught up in the monotony of daily living; however, it is vital that we break free from this way of thinking and take the time to explore what the world has to offer.

Travel is the greatest form of exploration. It forces us to face our fear of the unknown, which in turn can provide opportunities for growth never imagined. Whether you're in the High Desert, exploring a small town of just a few hundred people. Or admiring the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana, a place so incredible that the entire district as a whole is designated a National Historic Landmark. These experiences provide a living education that far exceeds what can be learned from a textbook.


Exploration enables us to connect with other cultures and people. One can’t help but be a bit fearful when roaming unfamiliar streets, or struggling to communicate with those who may not speak the same language. The thought of hiking up a steep trail on a scorching hot day in the Baja California Peninsula, can induce both anxiety and exhilaration. These competing emotions are essential to living a full life.

One can’t help but be excited and giddy as travel awakens our inner child, sparking our sense of curiosity. As we marvel at the various national parks and monuments of the world, we are left wondering how such majestic landscapes could have been created. These questions and experiences lead to a greater understanding, not only of other places, but of oneself.

Why Exploration is the Essence of the Human Spirit

Life starts to slow down and our awareness begins to expand. Suddenly, the opportunity to sit at the edge of the Grand Canyon in Arizona presents itself. Where time just seems to stop as you soak up an indescribable and breathtaking view of this natural wonder. These moments sweep away our stresses and allow us to regain our enthusiasm for life. So when someone asks, “Why is exploration important?” This is why.