The Drifter Hotel | New Orleans, LA

Words and images ©  PAUL MARTINEZ

Words and images © PAUL MARTINEZ

WHILE MOST visitors to New Orleans tend to gravitate towards the beloveD French Quarter. TAKE A straight drive out on Tulane Avenue towards Mid-City AND VISIT An increasingly popular 20 room Drifter Hotel offering a quieter; but equally escapist, alternative.

Built in 1957, The Drifter Hotel is an unassuming; low-rise building reminiscent of a not-so-distant past that has been reimagined with both modern and eclectic design. The restored exterior of the Drifter presents classic midcentury architecture, adorned by a retro neon motel sign and an asymmetrical awning—reminiscent of its nostalgic past.

While the interior spaces have been reimagined with a display of bright colors and textures, accented by local artisan artwork. Custom-made furniture, concrete walls, and Oaxacan tiles fill each of the twenty guest rooms and suites. Each of which respects the original era, while also infusing New Orleans flair and contemporary culture into the mix.

The Drifter Hotel is a first by trio Jayson Seidman, Zach Kupperman and Alex Ramirez; who’s goal is to push the concept of a hotel brand that focuses on building dynamic, culturally-enhanced experiences for modern-day drifters. In addition to revamping the finishes, the redesign created spaces for cultural gatherings; such as art shows and live music. A tropical courtyard and pool, adorned with a vintage disco ball, provides a contemporary setting for such events. A hotel bar, which is accessible from both the poolside courtyard and interior lobby bar, offers a diverse array of cocktails inspired by the eclectic decor.


Whether you’re a local, or a seasoned explorer; The Drifter provides a well-designed sanctuary space for all to gather and mingle.

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