Chaya B&B | Mexico City, MX

Words and images ©  PAUL MARTINEZ

Words and images © PAUL MARTINEZ

Chaya B&B aims to provide travelers with inspiration and comfort by going back to the roots of hospitality, offering an alternative to the common hotel model.

Located in the heart of Mexico City and conveniently facing Alameda Park, sits Chaya B&B high a top the Alameda building. A carefully restored late 1920s building that has revitalized the area with shops, restaurants and events that infuse downtown Mexico City with the spirit of the modern traveler. This charming property offers boutique style accommodations in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 

Chaya B&B’s unique location means it’s ideal for prime relaxation while visiting Mexico City. The building itself has a few restaurants (one is on the rooftop), mezcal bar, an ice-cream parlor and a sports memorabilia store—just to name a few. While the bustling neighborhood offers art galleries, restaurants and much, much more. Also located just a short walk away is the Torre Latino, Zócalo and the National Palace; with ample transportation opportunities like Uber’s ride sharing app. For the more adventurous, EcoBici has a bike sharing station nearby; as well as a few scattered electric scooters.

Chaya B&B offers 11 spacious rooms, including two suites. Individually furnished and decorated, the rooms come complete with modern amenities; as well as incredible views of the park, the historic center and a private interior patio with charming orchards. Guests have plenty of space to relax in the studio, library, rooftop terrace, or lounge around in the hammock area. Every morning, breakfast is served in dining room overlooking the city. Aside from continental options, they also offer typical dishes such as chilaquiles and mole for an authentic Mexican breakfast experience.


Whether it’s your first time to Mexico City, or you find yourself constantly being pulled in by its magnetic energy. Chaya B&B provides a well-designed space with all of the amenities you can think of at your fingertips .

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“Chaya aims to provide travelers with inspiration and comfort by going back to the roots of hospitality.”