Better Days | by Photographer Seunggu Kim

Words and images ©  SEUNGGU KIM

Words and images © SEUNGGU KIM

Seunggu Kim has been living in south korea, while studying photography at Korea National University of Arts. FOR SOME TIME NOW, HE HAS BEEN FASCINATED BY STARK IRONIES THAT EXIST IN SOUTH KOREA—CULMINATING IN A series HE CALLS, “Better Days.”

South Korea has rapidly developed over the last 40 years, which has resulted in a few social ironies. One of the ironies being that long working hours is also accompanied with little time for breaks. During vacation, Koreans try their best to enjoy it; but due to a lack of time to travel, they spend time mostly around city.

Therefore, places of leisure around Seoul and its surrounding areas try their best to provide various forms of entertainment for their customers. By doing so, all of the western and Korean cultures are mixed together. This series "Better Days" describes Korean spectacles from the way they enjoy their short break.

04 Mulbit Park_2018.jpg
14 Globe Amaranth Festival 2018.jpg
05 Bamdokkaebi Market_2016.jpg
09 Yeongrongyi Park_2018.jpg
11 Boa Constrictor Cadillac_2014.jpg
15 Hangang Park_2018.jpg
24 Pile of Artificial Ice_2012.jpg
18 Bengal Tiger_2014.jpg
25 Dongjangun Festival_2014.jpg
17 Panda House_2017.jpg
20 Singing Room_2013.jpg
16 Dinosaur Theme Park_2018.jpg