The Best Thing A Bank Has Ever Done For Me

In 2010 I moved to Portland, Oregon and opened a new bank account. During the process of setting up my security settings, I had to choose an image to go with my password. We’ve all seen this - it’s about 15 images of a dog, a cat, a butterfly, a flower, a basketball. Something that’s memorable to you, an icon to trigger your memory and make sure you’re logging into the right account. I chose one. It was a gorgeous turquoise lake surrounded by evergreens and towering grey slabs of snowcapped mountains. I was in love... I had no clue where this place was, but it looked far away, maybe in the middle of Canada?

For the next several years, I used my online bank account and always saw that image. After a while; I became so used to it, that I forgot it was there - I mindlessly typed in my password and didn’t associate that stunning aqua lake or impressive mountain range with anything other than whether I had enough money for happy hour or not. Eventually time had passed and I found myself moving again, this time from Portland to Seattle. While in a bar in late October, I overheard a guy talking about places to visit in the state. He was a Harley-Davidson owner and he had gone on a trip that summer to a place called Diablo Lake. He said it was the most beautiful lake he’d ever seen and the three plus hour drive to get there was nothing short of unbelievable. I was intrigued, but it was far too late in the year to go out there. I typed “Diablo Lake - Camping?” into a phone application that I had downloaded to help me remember important things. I put in a date of May 2015 to get a notice about “Diablo Lake”. And then…. I forgot about it.

The Best Thing A Bank Ever Did For Me! Click to read the full story.

On a random day in May, while working on editing a video at my job, my phone beeped and it read “Diablo Lake - Camping?” It took me about two weeks to organize and find a free weekend, but on June 13th I set out for Diablo Lake to camp - alone! The drive took almost 4 hours because I stopped so many times to take photos of unbelievable scenery.

"Wild horses, glacier peaks, bubbling brooks - this was straight out of a National Geographic magazine!"

The Best Thing A Bank Ever Did For Me! Click to read the full story.

When I finally arrived to my campground, I set up my tent in a spot surrounded by pine trees and the sound of the creek. I poured a cold IPA and packed a small backpack to hike the nearby trail. It was a short, stunning hike. And at the top - the view I had been looking for since 2010. By the time I saw it, and recognized where I was, all I could think was “I should enter my bank password.” I had arrived accidentally... and it was better than any paycheck I had ever received.



  About The Author

Amoris Walker is an Award-winning documentary film maker, voice over artist, and social media strategist. She grew up in a family band called The EarthWalkers; traveling around the USA teaching sustainability and conservation through music, comedy, and art. When she's not working, you can find Amoris on a mountain, in a kayak, canoodling puppies, drinking wine, or taking photos and shooting videos. Her love for the outdoors comes with the responsibility to help protect it. To learn more about Amoris simply visit her TwitterInstagram, or Facebook.