Atlas Supply Co: Backpacks Made For The Entrepreneur

In today's world it seems like we are always lugging around some type of gear with us. Whether that be our cellphones, laptops, or the tons of other gadgets that we can't get enough of. Whatever it is, we have to have them on us at all times. Which is especially true for the entrepreneur. The freelance photographer carrying around an assortment of different lenses, tripods and memory cards. Or the graphic designer working on their latest project using their most valuable tool — the laptop. But how do we effectively carry around all of these different items, while remaining practical and stylish? Well, with Atlas Supply Co's latest line of entrepreneurial bags. That's how.

Atlas Supply Co recently launched their Entrepreneur line — for the creatives who want the convenience of a backpack with the sophistication of a briefcase. The idea was born out of the struggles faced when having to lug around different gear, only to run into constant luggage issues. Either not enough room, too much room, or just plain ugly.

Luckily for us, The Entrepreneur fixes this issue.


These backpacks are made from natural leather and boast a removable "shelf" separating the inside section in half. Making it easy to customize the inside to fit your needs. It also features a side zipper, allowing the bottom section of the backpack to be easily accessible. Best of all, the Entrepreneur has its own designated laptop compartment big enough to fit up to a 15" laptop — complete with padding.


  • Minimal Design | Natural Leather | Unisex | YKK Zippers
  • Adjustable straps with side attachment for added comfort
  • Side water bottle pockets
  • Side snaps for expansion
  • Durable | reinforced | padded to protect all your valuable gear

Purchase and find out more online.

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